Create Your Goal

A Me Goal is a goal for one person.
A We Goal is a goal for a group of people.

Create Your Goal Guidelines

Create your goal by giving it a name in the add task section. Describe what you need to do to
complete your goal in the guidelines.

If it is a We Goal, invite your friends to participate.

Goalies Assigned

Based on the duration you have set for your goal, I will assign you a number of goalies you will need to earn to complete your goal. You earn 1 goalie for each time you successfully complete one of your goals guidelines.

Invite Friends

For either a Me Goal or a We Goal, you can invite people to participate in your progress. Invite you Grandparent, Manager, Teacher or Turtle to the Goalward app and connect with them. They can now give you the high fives you need to complete your Goal!


As you add friends within the App you can track their goal-setting progress by seeing how they are doing in the leaderboard section. Cheer them on as they try to achieve their goals!

Social World

Success! once you have completed your goal let the Social World hear it with a post.

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